[meta] Is it ok to share your own releases here?

Relatively new to the Drowned In Sound community and just released an album. Is it cool to post links here or is that frowned upon?


Very politely asked there Alex!

If users sign up to just spam the boards with their new offerings (often referred to as a JAG) with no intention of engaging with the community, then we move those post to the Classifieds.

Users who’ve posted here a fair bit, and clearly aren’t here to just drop and run can start their own threads on the music board specific to their project, or add something to the Share your music thread? - #389 by myyada.

There are similar threads on the Classifieds board, such as Promote your own Band! - #16 by AVirtualMemory but people rarely browse through the Classifieds board for anything other than morbid curiosity.


Thanks @ma0sm The share your own music thread is the perfect spot. I wouldn’t want to go polluting the topic list.

hehe, you have now piqued my morbid curiosity, I’m off to see the classifieds board :smiley:


If only all (not) JAGs were this polite! Hope to hear more from @alexleonard on the boards!


This is obviously actually Alex Leonard using a pseudonym