Metacritic or AOTY

When it started the bbc were reviewing albums. Now they are not.
DIS were reviewing albums…now they are not.
Resident Advisor stopped giving a score to their reviews last year.
I guess the data they use is dwindling.

Sad news indeed. I’d tended to use Metacritic until some kindly DISer recommended ADM. Never looked back (at Metacritic.)

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No!!! This is my goto site for reviews!!

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Got an email saying ADM might yet keep going, some people have expressed an interest in keeping it running so I guess we’ll see

I always keep an eye on the New Music For Spotify site -

ADM is not closing down now apparently, which is good news


Yeah, I got the email this morning! Great news!


check metacritic every now and again to see if there’s any really high scoring new stuff that’s passed me by, RYM to see where to go next in an artist’s back catalogue