Metalcore bangers


Just been relaxing after lunch with a bit of Hatebreed



That’s got to be one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard



dunno whether to out my semi-ironic enjoyment of shiny tough guy metalcore or post something that i think is actually good?


Do a bit of both!


Not gonna go down the underground route but I will say that the following are bangers

Killswitch - My Curse
Trivium - the two singles off Ascendancy
The Hurt Process - my Scandinavian Ride
Devil Sold His Soul - Like its Your Last
One Atreyu song that had black in the title
Shadows Fall - Blinded by the Cold
The Haunted - The Medication
The Red Chord - Antman
Caliban - its Our Burden to Bleed
The new Eighteen Visions album is belting too


Fuuuuck forgot about this song




I keep meaning to listen to that new Eighteen Visions. Thanks for reminding me



it’s really good! they’ve gone back to the heavy roots as opposed to the glam Avenged Sevenfold rip offs and its great. wanted to see them but it was £25 (!!)


also when was the last time anyone listened to THESE




Had it on this afternoon – it’s great!


Metalcore is one of the worst genres though. See also: Deathcore.


Oh hello, this is my kinda thread.

I’m soooo happy Eighteen Visions are back, they’re aces and seem like the sweetest guys.

Bleeding Through were one of my introductions to metalcore, love this track:


not really into arguing about genres anymore (why am I even on DiS!) but if Hot Damn! is metalcore, it’s literally the best album of all time - so, denied


Hot Damn! is the exception, because it’s a cracker from start to finish.