Please use this thread to talk about/ post your favourite Metallica songs.

I’ll be using it as a way of deciding if I still like Metallica enough to buy tickets for their October tour.

For Whom The Bell Tolls, because intro bells, Cliff Burton, the descending intro riff that goes dun-dun-dun-dun, and no guitar solos.


Master of Puppets for me. I love it when the riff breaks down after the solo.

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Massive choon

I grew up on load and reload and still have a soft spot for em

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Gonna be boring and say master of puppets

The first song I heard way back when on a campsite in France. And then the rest of the album. I bought it as soon as I got back. A musical holiday tomance of sorts.

Or romance even. What’s a tomance?

latest LP is pretty decent tbh

I believe this to be the correct answer.

Might have to go for this

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Yeah ^this

Worst drummer ever. Personality and skills wise

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For Whom The Bell Tolls.

Of course you like them enough to get tickets. They always bring it live.

The Four Horsemen has always struck me as being a belter. I love it:

Sounds kinda punky to me (as does the whole album in general).

Master of puppets or … justice for me. Both great albums that i still enjoy a lot when I put them on. Lost interest at the black album (and never recovered it). Saw them at the Whitley bay ice rink on the black album tour, the show seemed to go on for a fortnight. And then it was 3 hours on a coach home.

Did quite enjoy them on the telly at Glastonbury recently but wouldn’t dream of paying actual money to see them again.

Another vote for davidoff whom the bells toll

I saw them in 1996 at Newcastle Arena touring Load but I haven’t loved (or been dead interested) in the recent stuff.

I’d be paying for nostalgia but I haven’t been to an arena gig in years and I think they will give good arena.

“One” is the best. Followed by in no particular order “Orion”, “Master of Puppets”, “Sanitarium”, “Call of Ktulu”, “Creeping Death”, and “Fade to Black.”

Underrated great moment - when the main “Ride the Lightning” riff kicks in, and again when the drums follow a few seconds later.

For the later stuff, in addition to “Hero of the Day”, I always thought “Fixxxer” off of Reload was great and should get more credit. “Carpe Diem Baby” was good too.

Anything off Black obviously

I really like Fixxxer.