Freaking love that album…still do. Makes me want to grow my hear long and wear a denim jacket with band patches on

Always loved Dyers Eve.


Despite thinking that pretty much everything they have done since the black album is garbage, I think I’m going to get tickets for their forthcoming tour. At least partly as I’ve never seen them, but also with Motorhead, AC/DC and Black Sabbath all having come off the touring rota recently what genuine rock titans are left out there?

Favourite album is probably the black album. Absolutely rinsed that as a teenage metal fan when it came out. Rather than post anything from that however, here’s a video of a bride smashing Master Of Puppets on her wedding day…

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Ride The Lightning is one of my favourite ‘in the car’ albums.

Cruising down the Motorway on a sunny day with Creeping Death, etc belting out is great

Best album is …And Justice For All, shit production an’ all.


Picked up tickets for their second O2 show (the Tuesday) in the presale - presale standing for the Sunday show has sold out by the time I got there :frowning: First time seeing them live so looking forward to it.

Does anyone still buy corporate sold CDs these days? If so, most of their albums are currently in the 2-for-£10 deal at HMV…

How much are standing tickets?

Extremely expensive :fearful:

£90 each…

I’ve literally only just properly read the order confirmation when replying to your question on prices and noticed that “Every ticket includes your choice of a standard physical or a standard digital copy of Hardwired…To Self Destruct”. So that’s actually startlingly good value really :+1:

Might keep my copy in the car and the thinly veiled’s in the house…

Makes the price more reasonable chucking the album in with it. But most fans will have it already. I’d like to see them again but cant afford £90+add ons at present.

I was joking - I didn’t have any plans to listen to the new album before seeing them anyway. First five albums only for me thanks Clive.

That said, does sort out that tricky Mothering Sunday gift, so that’s good…


Just tried getting tickets for the Genting Arena. Thought it’d be worth a bash for the £57 tickets. Selected a block, clicked add to basket and then the page refreshed saying they were sold out :frowning:

My favourite is The Shortest Straw. I also absolutely love Leper Messiah.

Always thought they should have split up after the Black album and formed new bands.

This thread is crying out for a BEST ALBUM poll tbh tbf…

  • Kill 'Em All
  • Ride The Lightning
  • Master Of Puppets
  • And Justice For All…
  • Black
  • One of the shit ones/actually Load is alright YSC…

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Only just realised that I 100% should have included Lulu in this poll. What a chump :neutral_face:

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For completeness and vote sabotage only!

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Been listening to this album for the past couple of days - definitely has equal parts punk vs metal feeling about the whole thing, a bit like the early Motorhead albums (which obviously were a big influence) also do :+1:

Hi Metallichaps! My two complimentary copies of the latest album have arrived - pretty exciting. Not sure which one to play first, or whether to try and rig up some kind of Zaireeka experience :wink:

I know it’s three weeks since you posted this, but I totally would have voted Lulu. It’s not the disaster everyone makes it out to be. It has one cringeworthy moment involving a table, but other than that I really like it. Junior Dad, for example, is beautiful, and Iced Honey is like a much heavier version of a Lou Reed classic from the 1970s.

In fact, it’s the only Metallica album I’ve ever enjoyed all the way through. I’m not saying that to be contrary; I’m saying it as a massive Lou Reed fan.

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