Eric, you baffle me.

I actually genuinely enjoy Lulu too :+1:

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Been catching up on Metallica recently - once you’ve listened to the augmented bass versions of their songs on the YouTube it becomes near impossible to listen to the original recordings. The bass which was previously woefully low in the mix really gives the sound some meat and drowns out some of the annoying crap solos which is great. AJFA is now surprisingly listenable with bass…

My top ten songs:

  1. The Four Horsemen (from Kill 'Em All)
  2. Seek & Destroy (from Kill 'Em All)
  3. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (from Master of Puppets)
  4. Creeping Death (from Ride the Lightning)
  5. No Remorse (from Kill 'Em All)
  6. For Whom the Bell Tolls (from Ride the Lightning)
  7. To Live Is to Die (from …And Justice for All)
  8. Fade to Black (from Ride the Lightning)
  9. Phantom Lord (from Kill 'Em All)
  10. Motorbreath (from Kill 'Em All)

Anyone seen them on the tour so far? Some mates were at The O2 last night and reckoned it was a 9/10 performance. Cracking setlist tbh tbf:

Heading to The O2 myself tomorrow. Been blasting the first three albums for the past couple of weeks, but over the weekend decided to stick on Justice For All for the first time in about 20 years. Yup, the passage time has not aided THAT production. Some alright songs on there, but One is about 10 times better than any other song on the album. Also, against my better judgement, listened to the latest album (the right hand one from my pic ^upthread for anyone interested). Actually not bad :open_mouth:

One is a good song

The rest is utter dirge tbh

Just look at this m9…


Don’t know what the thought process was behind, ‘I know let’s take the most annoying bit of our previous albums (Lars’ endless drum filling) and put that foremost in the mix’. Oh, and don’t forget to remove the bass.

will add this to the list of silly TKC opinions



Their tickets would only be worth it if they came with a time machine to take you back to the eighties.

Saw them a few years ago, they’re alright but their time is definitely over.

They did their Misfits cover! Nice.

Genuinely think I Disappear is an excellent song.

Unpopular opinion, but they’re my least favourite of the big four and I’ve seen them 3 times (all festivals) and each time they’ve been fucking tedious.

Every time I think I’m beginning to get a handle on @ericthefourth’s music interests I find something new, e.g. him posting in a Metallica thread.

Yes, I do like the Black Album. Come at me, Metalli-bros.


Black Album is great. The last good album they did in fact - 26 years is an impressive period of time to be coasting on past glories tbh tbf.

That said, they were pretty good live last night however. Could have done with a few less tracks off the new album (although Hardwired and Atlas Rise were ok), but it’s telling that aside from those everything was off the first five albums…

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i’m not crazy about the black album. think their best song is


Sanitarium is a food brand here in Aus and I think of that song whenever I see it.

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mmm delicious sanitarium


Going to the NEC on Monday night.

(65-year old!) Woman that my dad used to work with was supposed to be going but she’s got to go in to hospital so we’ve had the tickets off her.*

Looking forward to it. Everything apart from the first 4 albums (crap production on And Justice For All excepted) is generally not up to much, but reckon it’ll be a good show regardless (read: there will be pyrotechnics).

*Im assuming all the ‘must have photo ID with ticket holders name’ guff they band about these days is a load of bollocks, yeah?

Another Black Album denier eh?

There were indeed pyrotechnics, but not as many as I might have expected. Good fun though :+1:

The Black Album has its moments tbf.

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aint even the material really, hate the production