I hope this means they are doing another Garage Days album.




Thought this was a shreds video


oh my fuck this is bad


Is… is this real?


never liked them but listened to The $5.98 EP the other day and enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll give it another spin.


how are they so bad at music after so many years?


They got rich.


pisses me off that Kirk can’t even be bothered to tone down his ludicrously oversaturated distortion to play those chords


i find metallica weirdly fascinating. i’ve definitely spent more time in my life watching films/videos about metallica than i have actually listening to metallica.


they were pretty shit back in the 80s as well tbf


blackened is a good tune though


until the shit bit in the middle where it is not


reminds me of when i got my first electric guitar and practice amp and i’d turn on the overdrive and put the gain up full as i thought that’s how it was supposed to sound


You were right about Blackened until your reply to your post, where you were not.


I hate that shitty key change and pointless widdly solo. Just want the big blasting beats and riff


might as well just listen to St Anger then.