Methods of chat (and ranting about Social Media in general)



Let’s chat about chat. How many methods you got on the go at the moment?

  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Skype
  • Skype For Business
  • Google Hangouts (or whatever Google equivalent)
  • Slack
  • Signal
  • HipChat
  • Other (tell me how you chat)

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Least favourite? Instagram. Never get proper notifications and can only respond on mobile. Most of my Instagram message replies are “So sorry, didn’t see this message at the time, wasn’t ignoring you!”


Fuck, I forgot to include DiS in there!


No chat!




Instagram is the most pointless thing ever and basically embodies all (or at least most) that is wrong with our society/ is making our young people boring/ depressed.




whatsapp is just basically free phone calls isn’t it so that’s great.

Everything else is wank


pretty sure I have seen you on instagram



Nah Instagram is great


I use FB Messenger all the time.

Hate Instagram for chatting for the same reasons as you, but tbh I only use it rarely.

I also use public and private chat on the Countdown site. Mostly been using public chat to log In, say inflammatory things (even if they are correct, such as snooker being a pub game and not a sport) and then leave the room immediately so the nerds with strong opinions get extremely angry because they can’t argue with me.


I am banning it.


yeah I don’t chat to people there though


Surprised at the high ranking of Skype For Business there. It’s absolute shite and we try to use it in work as little as possible. Keep getting reminders to use it though, I think maybe it’s monitored? I don’t know.


? We don’t have a choice, our phone calls go through it. It genuinely works really well for us - though my girlfriend uses a more limited version and doesn’t much like it. shrug


Almost broke my mouse liking this post too strongly.

Like with all these things, you are in control of how you filter and use it. And it can be incredibly useful. But it seems to me mostly to be little other than a carousel of narcissism and I absolutely cannot be bothered with it.


You’ll be missing out


I’ll sleep at night!


I like this!


Chat on Instagram is definitely not good. Shit function, no fans. (May delete the app soon)

I try to stick to WhatsApp for the most part. Simple, no frills stuff. FB Messenger is useful for group chats for organising things but that’s it.

I use the DM on Twitter function to speak to people I only know through Twitter.

I’ve actually gone back to texting for a lot of chat. Much better I find AND I get to use the brilliant messenger app a DiSer designed. (The name escapes me, much to my chagrin.)



I’m not even ON Instant gram!