So I’ve spent the last decade thinking Metronomy really weren’t for me. Associate them with the part of Marc Riley’s R6 show that does nothing for me, and I must have heard them dozens of times on his show without them doing anything for me.

But I picked up Nights Out at the chazzer for a quid recently and it appears I have been wrong, it’s as good as anything else new I’ve heard this year, that first 3 track run in particular. Love the way they wait 7 or 8 minutes to drop the vocals in.

So yeah, tell me more. What to listen to next? Live shows? Aob?


Pretty much enjoy everything they’ve brought out tbh. Don’t think there’s a standout weak record


Used to be obsessed with that English Riviera album but not so sure anymore


I guess the popular opinion is English Riviera as their best? Not sure I agree but at their live shows people seem to lose it when they play those songs.

For some reason I really love this live version of Old Skool from the last album, something really Talking Heads-ish about the break down bit


One of the best British bands going I reckon, up there with Hot Chip for cranking out reliable danceable albums on the reg. Of their discography I’d say English Riviera is the best, and Love Letters is the least good, but they’re all very solid.

One of my favourite live bands, think I’ve seen them more across any other act. Good dash of theatricality and panache, from the old synchronised chest lights at the start to the snazzy outfits and choreography today. This Alexandra Palace gig was joyful, and the setlist is stacked AF, wish they still finished on You Could Easily Have Me:

Best songs? Love Letters, Love Underlined, The Look, Heartbreaker, Back Together, Trick Or Treatz


None of the albums since have grabbed me quite as much as Nights Out did, but every one has had at least a few amazing tracks.

I saw them play with Teenagers and The Presets at the Scala, at the height of nu-rave. They had synchronised dance moves, and big lights on their chests that they turned on and off in sync. They were brilliant.


The English Riviera is one of the best pop albums of the 2010s. Neither Love Letters nor Sunmertime 06 quote scale the same heights, but both are good albums and have some amazing tracks on them.

Very good live, even if they’ve never seemed to have replicated The Bay half as good as the recorded version


Fookin top band