I like the artwork

Out September 13th, statement from Joe Mount:

“What happens is when you’re making music and you enter a world where you have achieved some sort of celebrity no matter how large or small you start to think about yourself in terms of legacy and what you’re going to leave behind and then you realise that’s limited to the interest people have in you. In the end I feel completely comfortable with it. The less importance you place in any art the more interesting it can become in a way…I’m making music, I’m going to do some concerts, I need to feed my children.”

:grimacing: I’m sure there was a better way of saying that, Joe.

Still, I feel like Lately was their best lead single since the halcyon days of The English Riviera, and Salted Caramel Ice Cream sounds fun. So I’m keeping an open mind :slightly_smiling_face:

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My favourite of the three singles. Reminds me a bit of The English Riviera

Shit band

Old housemate was low key obsessed with the track Black Eye/Burnt Thumb, which probably didn’t help.

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probably just post in a different thread then


Well I am a bit irked that they have a headline slot at End of the Road. Threads like this don’t just have to have appreciation in them either; for one I can’t quite work out why I find Metronomy much less entertaining than Hot Chip.

They don’t, but I think we’ve all agreed that the opposite is exceptionally tedious. Couldn’t you just post in the End of the Road thread?

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There’s a pretty massive difference between saying “not a fan, because (something)” and “shit band”. Latter is so tedious.

Coincidentally saw this thread while listening TO Corinne repeatedly and concluding it’s a 14 carat banger

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Yeah fine

It’s funny how much more electronic these studio versions are compared to how I heard them live back in May. Quite like this although the lyrics are absolute bobbins.

I don’t know what you mean?! Good vibes though…

I guess NewVillager once opened for Metronomy. I wonder if any of the Metronomy fans are aware of the upcoming NewVillager record, their 1st in 8 years.


Ooft this album is far too long

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Would be looking forward to this more if I liked any of the singles (I normally love Metronomy)

Can’t say I was enamored with the record on first listen this morning…

It’s alright this. Walking In The Dark is the best track. The Oscar Cash special disc is probably the best part of the album.

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