I really wasn’t expecting much from this but I love when an album surprises me, really good stuff.

Lots of highlights on the new album

Insecurity - Sounds like Prince. It’s got guitars, falsetto, funk and talky bits.

Lying Low - sounds like Oh Yeah by Yello

Walking in the Dark and Lately - brilliant little pop songs.

Upset my girlfriend - I love the mixture of electric and acoustic.

It’s a very strong album.

What’s that? Excuse my ignorance.

I really like the album.

Looks like it’s a bonus 12" with the deluxe vinyl, available through Rough Trade…

yeah album is really good, really like the instrumental tracks. Am torn whether to go for the super deluxe version now if it’s more of the same quality

Yeah it’s the bonus 12" it is really good reminded me of the instrumentals on nights out.


Ah! Wish I had the space for a vinyl habit.

they remixed a tune from the new Foals record.

Really, really like this. The singles are all great, think the little run of Forever Is A Long Time, The Light, Sex Emoji (lol) in the middle might be amongst their best work.

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I was really into the singles and ready to love this, but on first listen it’s not got my toe tappin

I reckon:

  1. The English Riviera
  2. Nights Out
  3. Summer 08
  4. Love Letters
  5. Pip Paine
  6. Metronomy Forever

I really really like the new record

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  1. Summer 08
  2. Love Letters
  3. The Englis Riviera
  4. Metronomy Forever
  5. Nights Out
  6. Pip Paine

Metronomy Forever doesn’t exist.

Nah man it’s really good


Salted Caramel Ice Cream is a banger

  1. Nights Out
  2. Love Letters
  3. English Rivera
  4. Summer 08
  5. Pip Paine
  6. Metronomy Forever

wow, here’s a band I used to really really love and then abruptly just lost all interest in. Top 3 albums great, bottom 3 albums bad.

New track coming on Ed Banger…

One of the best albums


Still love Metronomy Forever, loads of tunes.


I already have this on vinyl from when it came out or else I would be all over this.