Metz 2020

Looks like new material this year!


Excellent work. I fucking love METZ.


Lovely stuff!

sounds interesting. Hope they go much weirder on this one.

I’m predicting it being called ‘III’. They tour pretty extensively so should be back in Bristol with any luck. GBOL.

:smiley: And that they keep the album cover consistency of “person sitting down and not showing their face.”


Album title and first track streaming here

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Great bunch of lads, seem to like playing Bristol which is ok with me.

22 London, Garage
23 Bristol, Fleece
24 Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
25 Brighton, Haunt


Have seen them at Fleece (x2), Start the Bus, Academy.

Am I forgetting any?

I managed to miss their set when they played the Fleece with Fucked Up & Titus Andronicus. Pretty gutted about that.

wish bands remembered the south west exists

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I only watched them!

Actually, did watch a bit of Fucked Up, but hated them so went home in a mood because they were so totally shit compared to the Metzes.

Bristol is pretty South West.

if u live in cornwall it’s basically london

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Missed that second Fleece show and for some stupid reason sacked off Start the Bus, but did The Fleece show with Idles and Protomartyr and the Academy show supporting Mudhoney.

It’s great that they play Bristol as a lot of bands would do those dates but miss out this part of the country and then fuck off home.

Start the Bus was the same night as Shellac at Fleece. What a bloody night that was. And amazingly, I managed to put it all through my work expenses!

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Ah, I was at Shellac then, didn’t get a Metz ticket as never really a fan of the venue (and Shellac was announced later on) but that would have been amazing in such a small place (up there with the No Age gig where they went on and on).

Yeah was marvellous. Watched Shellac with Metz stood nearby, then half the crowd walked together to StB. Was loads of fun.

Yaaay, Brude.


What with this and the new Ariel Pink track, it’s been a cracking day for releases!