new EP out this month apparently

new song here -

pleased to see the name revived (& had pre-ordered the album when it first popped into my news feed)
didn’t realty listen to supermoon much, but it just wasn;t the same

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there was one great song under the supermoon name which i’m hoping makes an appearance on a future release

I just want a tour!

only seen them once & they we ace.

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we’re playing with them in edinburgh in december but i presume you’re from somewhere further south of there?

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I am incredibly envious

yes, somewhat further (Bristol)
would travel to see them, but December is a bit packed already & supposed to be saving for enzed trip next year

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is that the one at the Happiness Hotel?

I really, really loved Something For The Weakened and just haven’t bothered listening to anything else they’ve ever released.

no it’s at summerhall on 16th december

the album directly before it is much better IMO it’s called “all creatures will make merry”

will check it out

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yeah All Creatures Will Make Merry is great. don’t think i’ve ever got round to giving the debut a proper listen.

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They’re playing in London in March next year.

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you really should man, it’s got crackers like this on it

A little after the fact, but here’s a link for an upcoming date in the south- Reading on sat 29th September in a small cosy venue!

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Anyone going to the show in Walthamstow on Friday night?

I’ve really got into the latest record - seems to have brought together a lot of the different styles from the other records into something that has a lot of clarity and be fully realised.