M'evening, no b'eavening

Today’s my Sunday so I have 5 beers and a chronic sense of despair keep me company
What are you having for tea?


Omg so tired. It’s my busiest week of the year.

Had fish for dinner. Really want to sleep but need to do more work.

I just went and did some hills on my bike for fun… Who is she?

Just necked a load of posh smarties as a reward

Ded now. Gonna go get some nice tea from waitrose and then slob to the US office

Thought Dr Mrs Epimer’s German learning app had suddenly taken an interesting new direction but it turns out she was just saying “I love cooking”


We had this for dinner, and it was fantastic. Definitely having it again soon


Fucking hectic day today. Had these with tea though and they were 10/10

Gilmore Girls now and an early night I think.


I haven’t eaten yet but I have chilli powder up my nose.


state of these post pandemic deals I swear

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I’m not at work until 3 tomorrow, so I too have a bevy of beverages and will watch some shite TV later. Having leek and pea risotto


Listening to this stunner

The world really is running out of album titles.


backs are a waste of time, never have these problem with fronts do you

And this was 5yrs ago!

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kind of a package deal tbf

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be great if the torso just twisted round so you could get to tricky spots easier

You’ve mentioned it being your Sunday in conjunction with moderate alcohol consumption before. Isn’t it traditional to abstain from drink on a Sunday in preparation for the working week?

Doing my nut

I think it’s well established I do not observe the sabbath


only good metal band imo

anyway gonna go play Red Alert 2

Evening folks.

Had salmon with a cous cous salad (of sorts) for tea. Normally enjoy it but felt a bit of a chore tonight.
Mother in law brought a blackberry crumble round earlier, so had that for pudding. Which was nice.

Watching Shameless on Netflix for some reason.