MEW are making

…an announcement at 10:00am

It’s the new song I guess. It’s on spotify already in the US (maybe ere too I don’t know)

Carry Me To Safety, yes it is.

There’s a London gig in May as well

Wonder if they’ll do primavera if they’re touring. Weird they never have.

palying Frengers in full at the Barbican in October


I was hoping the announcement was that they were getting their own Mew flavour of Walkers crisps.

Can’t see an announcement for this?

Oh wait, there’s a danish one online

On their facebook page too

Yeah saw that after posting it. Really hope they do all the bsides too.

Absolutely just got tickets to this

Yep. It’s gonna sell out pretty quick - stalls had basically sold out by the time I got through to the booking page.

Argh my ticket alarm didn’t go off! Fuck being in the nosebleeds

Of course I had a 10am meeting today didn’t I.

Just a handful of restricted view seats left, fml

Row G in the stalls isn’t really restricted unless they’re filling the stage with a string section for Comforting Sounds. Also, the legroom is amazing.

Yes, it’s on sale now to the public.

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My work internet wouldnt take me to the payment screen. However managed to get some not as good tickets a bit later. Looking at the pictures of the venue all the seats look pretty good. Cant wait

Matinee show at 4pm the same day! Tickets on sale at 10!