MEW are making


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I am excited

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Same. Cant wait

I too am enjoying emotions best described as excitement.

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That was perfect! The band, sound and projections were spot on. A very strong contender for gig of the year.

I wasn’t so fussed with the first set, but the second Frengers set was perfect. Loved the stand up and dance bits.

Cracking show, even from the nosebleed seats. Frengers still stands up as a virtually flawless album. The greatest hits-ish set in the first half was decent, but Frengers was easily the star of the show here. So good.

(I also dragged Mrs Parm along, who hadn’t seen them before and didn’t entirely know what to make of the visuals; I forgot how creepy they were in places)

That was so good.


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Great stuff. Theyre always good though . The last 3 songs in particular were amazing, plus Symmetry was incredible. Loved it.

Also, goosbumps when the strings kicked in on Louie Louisa

Shane they havent made a good album for years

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Also, a zero dickhead crowd. What a time to be alive!


I thought it was… OK

Demonstrably incorrect. I will concede that they’ve never bettered Frengers. :slight_smile:


Come on, the last 2 are pretty poor bar the odd highlight. Barely ever listen to them, especially the most recent one

+/- is up their with their best for me. like Visuals a lot too tbh.

Went along spontaneously to this as a mate had a spare. First time seeing them after wanting to for years and they really didn’t disappoint. Thought the visuals were incredibly on point and shed a tear or two during Symmetry.

The sound wasn’t great where I was up in the rafters.

Good gig though.

Have they changed line up? Seem to remember an awesome guitarist. When I saw then about 10 years ago.

would have loved to have seen this. Maybe they’ll do Kites in full and hit my hometown.

Yeah Bo the guitarist left a few year ago now.