Mexican 🇲🇽 🌮

Probably the highest hit to miss ratio in world cuisine. Discuss.

Italians would like a word.

But do love Mexican food :yum:

Yeah Italian is a close second but Mexican is slightly more exciting.

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Like, traditional mexican farmers stew with the brains and offal and such is a bit :eyes:

but your standard stuff. sign me up.

Politely disagree. Had loads of shit nachos


Two please!

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Your burritos, your quesadillas, your enchiladas, your tacos, etc. All the same thing in a slightly different arrangement.


Yes, and they’re all very nice indeed.


Love a burrito from Panchos in Manchester


Also sopa de tortilla es muy buena

just a load of crisps, bread, beans and rice. Meh

If it’s good enough for Rick, it’s good enough for me


Changos was better haven’t been since they changed their name though.

yeah I think panchos for quantity, and changos for quality.

I hate when you get a burrito and some of the fillings are warm and some are cold. Really hate that.

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What was the Mexican place in Manchester that closed but did corn smut. Really liked that

Tell you what’s shit

I bought a Mexican pestle and mortar thing that’s made of of pumice-style rock

You have to season it to fill up the pores with rice and salt, otherwise the rock grinds off the bowl and makes everything really gritty.

I’ve been seasoning this ruddy thing for months, it must have about a kilo of rice in it now, still end up with sandy guacamole every time I use it. Rubbish.


Would be a good Toast of London name


I like this, I think

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Might go street food chef for a burrito lunch today, come to think of it