General Mexico chat but please for my benefit,we’re going in January and our route will be

3 nights Mexico City (near Roma)
3 nights in a village in the mountains in the south of Oaxaca state
3 nights Oaxaca city
1 night Merida
3 nights Valladolid
3 nights Playa Del Carmen

Final one is an all inclusive so will be doing very little, but everywhere else we like to drink, eat, walk, see shit, any recommendations welcome

On your way from Merida to Valladolid, you might as well stop off for lunch here. You can have a walk round Izamal to stretch your legs too, and marvel at lots of walls painted yellow.

If you fancy popping out from your all inc, the best fish tacos I’ve had were at this place:

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theres a cracking park in Roma where people walk their dogs.
Bosque de chapultepec - is that big park
Trotskys house/museum is near to the frida kahlo museum/house (best to book in advance).
Both of those are within walking distance of Plaza coyoacan which is a lovely little area, got a park, square and loads of bars and places to eat. Got a guide book that plots a really good walking route through the area I can dig out if you’re interested. Theres a few parks, churches and old buildings as this used to be the city centre before :person_shrugging: something like that :sweat_smile:
theres plaza garibaldi if you want some mariachi fun.
loads of art shit I could recommend, the former college of san ildeonso has some good murals
Go watch some wrestling or to the azteca too.

had some great tacos at el tizoncito on av. tamaulipas.
plan V cafe was great for vegans/vegetarian breakfast
la pitahaya vegana another good spot for v food
Churreria el moro for churros
la nacional on cda. orizaba has a good range of pulque
loads more but they were nearish roma I think.


also por siempre vegana taqueria was good for vegan tacos

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This is the gaff we’re staying at in the mountains. Looks pretty peng

also, the guys rolling around with loadspeakers selling tamales con pan etc or people at the side of the road, just go to those and bumble your way through in bad spanish. some of the best food :kissing_closed_eyes: :ok_hand:

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Ah I think we’re also going in January! Last went pre covid so I thnk a lot of the food places we enjoyed aren’t there anymore.

Mexico City
Wrestling obvs – there’s a good Pulqueria quite close to the main arena too
The museum of anthropology is incredible
Daytrip to Teotihuacan for Pyramids though there are less touristy sites elsewhere
If you fancy a treat/spenny dinner then Pujol is michelin star and incredible
We didn’t make it to UNAM sculpture park last time but hoping to this time
Casa Luis Barragan for architecture
Frida Kahlo house (book in advance)
Xochimilco for riverboats and Mariachi

We mostly used Merida as a base for daytrips:
Uxmal for excellent and less touristy pyramids & ruins
Campeche is meant to be nice but we didn’t go
Celestun for more river trips and depending on the time of year you might see millions of flamingos
Best tacos we had were at this very underwhelming looking place

If you like meat, the meat market in Mercado 20 de Noviembre is incredible – an experience to visit in itself. Lined with butchers and everyone has a grill and you get a massive plate f meat delivered to your table, couple of bowls of vegetables and a cold Victoria beer, sorted.
Criollo is another restaurant by Enrique Olvera, the chef that runs Pujol. Really beautiful building.


Weirdly Pujol isn’t technically michelin star (don’t think the guide exists in Mexico) but it’s meant to be one of the best in the world. Very tempting to splurge most of the holiday budget there

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Going to bookmark this thread, as our itinerary is very similar to yours, and it may even be that the dates line up too.

Us too, Mexico DiSmeat?

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Think we go out on the 19th Jan and back on the 5th Feb

Ah, we’re 13th-28th.

Like ships in the night…

Ideal, just let me know the good places and tourist traps and I can have a slightly more enjoyable trip than you :wink:

Went 10 or so years ago, but Mexico City was great. We did a walking food tour which was brilliant.

Went to Tulum afterwards which isn’t too far from Playa Del Carmen. Went to see the Mayan Ruins at Coba. Can’t remember where it was exactly, but swimming in a cenote was one of the best things I have ever done on a holiday. Loved it.

Imagine bumping into a DiSer in the middle of Mexico.