MftSB: Answering Pop Music's Biggest Questions


…with polls! I’ll kick off.

Do you believe in life after love?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Well, it depends on what you constitute as life.

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Why you gotta play that song so loud?

  • Because we want to!
  • Because we want to?

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Is this love that I’m feeling?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Probably just a rash

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Please, please tell me now

  • Is there something I should know?
  • Is there something I should say?
  • That would make you come my way
  • Do you feel the same 'cause you don’t let it show

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Can I kick it?[poll max=2 public=true]

  • Yes you can!
  • This is more of a “Should I” rather than “Can I” question.


What would you do if your son was at home crying alone on the bedroom floor cause he’s hungry and the only way to feed him is to sleep with a man for a little bit of money and his daddy’s gone, so we’re smoking rock now, in and out of lockdown, I ain’t got a job now, so for you this is just a good time but for me this is what I call life, hmmm?

  • sorry I zoned out can you summarise please
  • Get up on my feet and stop making tired excuses, cause I wouldn’t want my baby to go through what I went through

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What is Love?[poll max=50 public=true]

  • What is love? I heard you ask, A pointed question, A daunting task, A challenge for a weary mind, To see what gems that I may find. What is love? My mind did say, A caring touch? A gentle way? It’s both of these, but so much more, Numerous attributes, to explore. What is love? I searched my soul, A loving glance? A hand to hold? It is these things, but just one part, Of the beauty that lies within the heart. What is love? I asked my heart, It seemed the best place, Where I should start. Is it fireworks, comets, or astral displays, Which cause us to feel, so deeply this way? “This is love,” my heart replied, “Listen closely to me, And then you will see. Love is not loud, it’s a quiet sensation, Not easily confused with infatuation.” “The beauty of love,” it continued to tell, “Is eternal endurance, The absence of hell. Unparalleled strength, in spite of adversity, Protecting you with it’s cloak of security.” “The gift of love,” it sermonized on, “Provides you with peace, Like a golden-green morn. It lives and breathes, for it is alive, Where all your hopes and dreams reside.” What is love? You’ll be glad to know, Is the chance for two hearts, To share and to grow. Trust, compassion, and a listening ear, Will dispel all your doubts, cast out all your fears. What is love? It’s simple you see, It’s essential as air, For our souls to breathe. It replenishes your faith, and self- esteem, Allowing you to fulfill, all of your dreams. When is it love? Your heart will know, What you should do, And where you should go. It will guide your path, straight and true, Be prepared for love, when it comes calling for you.
  • Baby don’t hurt me!


How do I live without you?

  • Suicide is the only answer
  • Don’t even know who you are, pal

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I backed my car into a cop car the other day

  • Well he just drove off sometimes life’s okay
  • I’m doing 5 years

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Do you believe in a thing called love?

  • I don’t believe in love, or therefore life after love
  • Guitar!

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Should I stay or should I go now?

  • Stay
  • Go

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Is this the way to Amarillo?[poll max=50 public=true]

  • Going to need a bit more information than that. Where are you at the moment, what route are you planning on taking?
  • I don’t care, but I’ll say yes so you go away.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older?

  • and vote for brexit like that Balonz twat, no thanks
  • .

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Rustled some Brexitters out of the wilderness there


why does it always rain on me?

  • cos you lied when you were 17
  • i’m under Rhianna’s umbrella and you’re not hahaha loser

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is there life on mars?

  • no
  • it’s time pass the spliff mate

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Are you some kind of hypnotist?

  • Yes?
  • No?

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Am I Wry?[poll max=2 public=true]

  • No
  • What?


Can you feel the love tonight?

  • Yes
  • No, it’s just a crease in my trousers

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Where did all the good guys go?

  • Oxymoron
  • They were inside you all along

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