MftSB - any good NEW venues opened up in your city?


Quite like the idea of any brand new music venues - whether they be DIY spaces or ‘proper’ bars – being shared on here if people have heard good things. Realised lately that i tend to shy away from all but a specific few these days unless i’m desperate to see an act.

It can’t all be closures and doom and gloom


opened relatively recently. I like it.


Upstairs at the Garage is called another thing now


Not open yet, but looks very promising:


dunno how new it is but Rebellion in Manchester has recently started putting good stuff on (Wolves in The Throne Room are playing soon) and it’s surprisingly alright in there

otherwise, no


It’s two years old!!!


Thousand Island, after the salad dressing.


fairly recent for a venue though I guess? idk, just wanted to use xylo’s quote and talk about DIY space.



London’s had quite a few places open up in the past couple of years eg Moth Club, Echoes, Kamio and Spiritland.

Despite the Mumford connection, Omeara is alright, too.


Well if bombastic pedantry isn’t welcome here I just don’t know what to say




Echoes has closed down:


Bangor Arts Center.

Got gigs from the best local band, Holy Filth, an emo night, and comedy rapper Spose coming up.


Oh. That didn’t last long. According to this, it’s now called Archspace (run by the same people):

EDIT: Oh no, it’s the same people, but in a bigger venue.


(Sounds the klaxon)



Nope. Cork is fucked. We’ve had seven or eight venue closures in the last year.