MftSB: Gig singalong

So, hypothetical situation. You are at an arena gig of a band you are reasonably familiar with, but not a mega fan. Let’s say you only got tickets because you’re friends sister was ill and dropped out the last minute.

Anyway, they start playing a song that you don’t know but everyone else seemingly knows every single word to.

Do you:

  • Pretend to sing along with exaggerated mouth movements, so everyone thinks you actually know the words
  • Listen adroitly as to ascertain the lyrics and if possible, join in at the second chorus
  • Not bothered, sway along with mouth firmly closed

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My poll! My beautiful poll!

Sort your poll out jilly.

3rd option.

^^^ The greatest actor of our generation ^^^


went to see Kate Nash Friday and took a bit of pride in standing there stony faced actually

I’d rather be with your friends cause they are much FIT-TAH

Have you seen Glow?

This scenario is precisely why I only go to Sunn o))) arena gigs.

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Remember when you were young and had to do your homework before emo gigs because you knew that every word was going to be sung back. I don’t really attend such gigs anymore but it warms my cockles that this stuff is still happening out there somewhere…

absolutely zero chance i’m going to this, sorry m9


Why not? I remember my friend got dumped once, so I went to see my Chemical Romance at the NIA. It was a bit of a novelty going to something you wouldn’t normally pay for.

As someone who has once seen My Chemical Toilet by accident I can confirm there was no fun to be had

In my experience the only lyrics it’s required to memorise are “Midge Ure looks like a milk thief” and “JUUUUUUUNIOR KICKSTART!”

she played that TWICE

yeah found it really dull tbh

Was just thinking her voice really starts to grate in that too.