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You got a spotify playlist of your favourite bands/artists? It occurs to me that I’d quite like to hear what, say, a distilled Jeremy_Irons playlist sounds like, or a whistlestop tour of bugduv’s or Marckee’s Greatest Hits.

So. What you got?


Not on spotify anymore, but here’s an AMREP playlist I made once:


Not on streambook

(I actually am on Tidal but nobody else is)


I don’t really use spotify these days.

Um, I dunno how I’d approach this.


Here are the playlists I have that I listen to regularly (excluding Best Of’s for particular artists)


I’ll make one now, because the other option is work.


And this post hasn’t done that thing where it actually displays a Spotify bit to show what is being linked to rendering it completely pointless


Dunno how to link to my thumbs up playlist on Google Play Music, but there’s less The Donnas on there than you might think.


This is one of my favourite playlists I ever made, about 5 years ago, full of dancey bangers I was into at the time:


My best playlist is this celebration of ‘psy’ electronic music. 100% summery bangers.

This is what’s been tickling my fancy in 2k17


This is probably the best representation of what I’m listening to this past few months. Some of the records here appear on any standard playlist for me. I tend to just switch a list like this to shuffle. I wish there was a feature where you could do a whole album and then it would shuffle to the next whole album.

Notable missing band is Radish, who aren’t on spotify :’(

if you don’t know them, btw focus on: Bubblegum by Kevin Devine, Threads by Now, Now and White Lighter by Typhoon


100% summery bangers is going on NOW


basically just stick ABBA Gold and Burzum’s First few albums on shuffle


neither do i. do you have a ‘most listened’ export on itunes/screenshot?


i have Abba on, then Queen most days.


No, I don’t.


i mean. maybe just record a vocaroo of you saying your favourite albums in a row.


Again, with brief descriptions:

A couple of hundred hip-hop tracks with no thematic links or anything, just tracks that I like, my go-to playlist when I am not in a specific artist phase:

Some wet around the ears indie/white-men-with-guitars stuff, basically tracks that everyone here has probably liked at some point in their lives because we’re all ostensibly the same person:

Raucous fun, kind of obnoxious guitar music with yelling and frantic drums and that:

Modern R&B ladies, NAO, ABRA, SZA, JONES etc if you’re a modern R&B lady with your name made up of capital letters you probably feature here:

The theme of this playlist is just big, catchy choruses, it’s still a work in progress:

A collaborative DiS effort of hip hop with jazzy beats:

Soul/Motown/Funk etc:

Pop songs I like:

Hip-Hop produced by DJ Premier:


I’ve been trying to drum up some board interest in psydub/psychill/psytrance for a while now. Mainly been @ninetyeightytwo so far. Rolling (or maybe ‘trundling’) thread here - Rolling psytrance, psybient, psydub, psychill thread