MftSB REally enjoying people going out of their way to NOT say the Beatles in answer to this question from sean


The guy who lists about 20 bands including black keys and bon iver but “forgets” the fucking beatles :smiley: :smiley:




Betty Boo >>> George >> Ringo > McCartney > Lennon


Beady Eye, shirley?


have you considered that the Beattles just aren’t as good as Biffy Clyro?


never knowingly heard a biffy song but i rightly assume this can’t be the case


I think you will find that The Beatles start with a T


ah shit good point mate. is that where I’ll find their stuff in our price? Is IT FUCK MAN


Best band does begin with B, well done! Now move on to your curly 'c’s.


I checked out your single like you asked me to do
Where it says three minutes seventeen, it’s twenty-two
And I think you’ll find the catalogue number’s incorrect
All in all, don’t you think it’s a good job that I checked?


looks like everyone’s forgotten about this gbol:


The Beatles aren’t even the best band beginning with “The Be”


Or “The Bea”


Or “The Beat”


But they probably are the best that begin with “The Beatl” so congratulations to them for that.


Finally some recognition for Beatles, The!



Set List: The band are constantly updating the ‘Beat Legends’ 60s repertoire and adding more Mersey sounds. This list is intended as a guide only…



still haven’t quite mastered The Inner Light


Ok ok ok sotheyre the best band starting with ‘The Beatle’