Mftsb - Songs we universally hate


This is where we weed out the contrarians in our midst.

Chelsea Dagger

  • Please no
  • I have a special hat I wear to festivals

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Savage Garden - truly, madly, deeply

  • Truly truly shite
  • Truly truly tolerable for some insane reason

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I think we already found the contrarians in the other thread :smiley:


this is too easy


Stop it.


Hannah’s Field - Puff Puff Give

  • It’s great, maaaaaaan
  • Pile of doobie

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Kid Rock - All Summer Long

  • Sweet Home Alabama

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The Hate Song

  • I hate this
  • I don’t know this
  • I like this

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Never heard this, but somehow feel more inclined to listen to this than any of the ones I haven’t heard in that other thread.


It’s a DiS classic:

  • She’s so lovely!
  • She’s so lovely,
  • She’s so lovely
  • [gunshot sound, then silence]

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  • like
  • hate

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I was singing this in the shower yesterday so I can’t really vote no


woah, just realised something…





You know you’re in a bad place when (a) your closest visual comparator is Kid Rock and (b) he’s looking fresher than you


Don’t Stop Me Now

  • Carry on
  • Please, please stop

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Edit accidentally made this anonymous, now all the Queen fans can hide in peace


You know exactly what you’re doing here


I’m having such a good time?


Bohemian Rhapsody

  • Put a gun against my head (N)
  • It will not let me go (Y)

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