Mftsb - Songs we universally hate

Coldplay - Fix You

  • Hate
  • I’m actually Pete from Gavin and Stacey

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Raging Speedhorn!

  • Hearing this song makes it a BAD DAY
  • Hearing this song makes it a GOOD DAY

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  • Have some really great sex (it’s good)
  • Have some really bad tunes (it’s rubbish)

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Something by the national or bon Iver or whatever

  • Very funny subversion of the format by choosing a popular indie artist
  • I, too, dislike a band who are popular on the boards!

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I don’t like the song, but hearing it does make me laugh because it used to be one of the songs that was played over the tannoy whenever an opposition player got sent off in a match at Kingston Park.

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Bruno Mars has some good songs. This song is terrible


y u gotta be so ruuuuuuude, don’t u know I’m human tooooo (don’t know the name or who sang it)

  • how did a human come up with a song this bad?
  • don’t click this option

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this is very surprising!

Sorry, I know this is a fucking awful song, but I’m somewhat nostalgic towards it and enjoy hearing it.

The song is called Rude. It’s by ‘magic!’ (exclamation mark is theirs). No idea why I know this. Dreadful

Wait, is it yes I hate it or yes it is good actually?

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  • I’d forgotten this existed you bastard
  • My ears don’t work

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just look where guntrip voted and go for the opposite :wink:

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ahahha wtf is this?!?!


Korn / Fred Durst, All in the Family:

  • Literally can’t quote any of these horrendous lyrics (it’s bad)
  • Ironic nu-metal appreciation (it’s good)

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pissing myself at that synth! Does he not realise all the notes are bad?!


Charged in with a proper shiter with that one

Still remember hearing this for the first time and thinking “Hmm, yeah, not a classic, but I like where this is going”, then it finally drops and just howling with laughter.


Did @Twinkletoes or @McGarnagle post that really distinctively inept dubstep remix?