Mftsb - Songs we universally hate


Me too! It’s got to be the most grating and tedious song in existence


Oh wow, this song has a whole wiki page dedicated to it:

The song begins with Jonathan and Fred insulting each other on hygiene, sexual orientation, family roots, and other things. At the ending, both say they will perform sexual acts on each other in an ironic way, in fact giving the song a confusing twist.

In 2015, Davis would refer to the song as “the dumbest fucking track Korn ever did”, attributing the song to the excessive drugs and alcohol consumed during the album’s production.


Have you not heard this before? Genuinely think it might be the worst song I’ve ever heard thats been released on an actual label and isn’t meant to be a novelty song


You mean Flaxxon?

Can’t hate something that’s reduced me to fits of giggles on so many occasions.


Yeah this legit gets me every time


Never thought “Staind dubstep remix” would be a permanent fixture in my google autocomplete but here we are.


Many people say “Stop saying artists should stick with the same sound their whole careers” and that’s a sentiment I generally agree with. Except when it comes to Bloc Party.


Oh my


Fucking hell this is still the best. The flashing ‘Dubstep’ is the icing on the cake


this is really unbelievably bad


Hats at 1:24 :smiley:


They should probably have just stopped. Definitely shouldn’t have made anything without the drummer



the guitar always comes in and I think “oh shit, did I open two tabs?”


James Blunt - You’re Beautiful

  • This is still awful
  • This song has matured like a fine wine

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I’m still new in an open-plan office so can’t watch it but just thinking about it is making me laugh :grinning:


Hasn’t Kele written an FBPE musical now?


Fucking hell. Bet he has


Sometimes I wonder “What key is this in?” then I realise the question I should be asking is “Which key isn’t it in?”



Absolutely criminal that this only has 2.4k views.