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It’s post-music, in all time signatures and keys at the same time


I bought a Korn bootleg once at a record fair (side note: why did I do that?) and it has them doing this, except the Fred Durst bits were recordings. Sounded like Jon Davies was yelling at his TV. Truly truly awful.


Oh god, I remember hearing this on the radio so much

yeah mate so was every single living person over the age of seven, dickhead


Honestly struggling to think of a piece of music that’s brought me as much joy as this in the past few years. It’s such a masterpiece of ineptitude that it’s somehow become a work of absolute genius.


Weezer - Beverley Hills

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Something quite disheartening about clicking the option liking the song, full of optimism thinking “aw other people will agree it’s not that bad :blush: ” and then seeing that no, no one agrees


That video has 786 million views as well, it’s astounding


there’s a train station I pass called Gravelly Hill which I often refer to as “Gravelly Hill: that’s where I want to BE”


The bloc party one? Surely you’re making that up


think this is my 2nd favourite Weezer song


Kermy I’ve changed my James Blunt vote just for you, and I think that song was so omnipresent that it’s just been absorbed into my psyche and I don’t notice it now, like skirting boards or Cornwall.


@kermitwormit has been on the sherry prior to voting, methinks


did everyone already know that the drummer from bloc party released an album with alex newport out of fudge tunnel/nailbomb. what a strange development.


There were a few. I don’t belong on his website really. I’ll leave the thread now so as not to derail the results further


You should listen to more than 2 Weezer songs.


It’s the jump off right now
I want everybody to put your work down, put your guns down
And report to the hill, the gravelly hill


I’ve heard at least 4 albums!




Nickelback - Rockstar

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