Mftsb - Songs we universally hate


Didn’t mean to make this anonymous


“latest dictionaries” gets a grin for sheer outsider art levels of stupidity


It’s okay


tbf I won’t disagree with that

maybe not cracking tune but it’s aight


The site must be broken again.


I’ll take that!


  • Even if lives were at stake, I would not fly with Jet2 and have to listen to this song multiple times during the flight
  • I love this song so much that I fly with Jet2 to work every day despite the fact that my office is literally a six minute walk from my home

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DJ Otzi - Hey Baby (Uhh, Ahh)

  • I wanna NO
  • I will be your girl.

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This was on a football songs compilation CD I owned as a lad but I’ve never heard it sung at the football


I’m sorry, Kermo :heart:




the song is also responsible for this, which is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen


I’m sorry, too. Let’s never argue again!


There’s a spurs sol Campbell one to the dj otzi tune.

Soool, sol campbell
(You. Cunt)
I wanna knoooooooow
Why you’re such a cunt.

So there’s that


Omg :smiley:






I think I’d forgotten that was even a song, rather than just a jingle for cheap flights.


Shut Up by The Black Eyed Peas