Mftsb - Songs we universally hate

  • Make your own kind of music, you unconvential outsider!
  • Drivel

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Tbf that guy was a pretty successful songwriter for other people.


Yeah, I’m just hating on him in a pretty blind fashion to be honest, shouldn’t shoot my mouth off without looking where I’m aiming


On further inspection, he wrote Murder on the Dancefloor so he definitely gets a pass.


hitler loved his dog.


a pass straight to hell for writing such a shit song right?


Don’t make me dissolve you, Bam

(Jk, but I actually really like that song, effortless gliding shiny pop)


sorry I’m exaggerating for comedic effect, it’s merely a below average song


I Believe, on the other hand…


They should have tho


Omg I’d never heard that Bloc Party song before. Gonna try and get through it in full in a bit but just need to take a moment cos I honestly thought songs could never be that bad


Oh god it gets worse as it goes along!

Rest of the song actually disguises how bad the chorus is.


when I first heard this it was a Spotify ad that I thought was some sort of clever joke that they’d designed the most annoying song ever to make you buy Spotify premium

I think my theory actually checks out


There is no fucking way I’m clicking on this but if it’s a cover of the song that soundtracked one of the greatest, if not the greatest moment in TV history, I hate it more than anything ever.


Fucking hell



Reminder of the lyrics

  • This song has no redeeming qualities
  • I hate my life

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Wow there’s always a new low!

I was pretty sure that Korn track would be the most offensive, lazy and shitty song in the thread but this is on a whole other level.


Status Quo - Rockin’ All Over The World

  • Denim clad awfulness
  • I have the imagination of an old mop and I love this

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Never thought I’d hear a post-grunge Chad Kroeger voice saying “SO SICK OF THE HOBOS”