Mftsb - Songs we universally hate


holy shit


Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl

  • NO, you sweaty, horrible, unoriginal bunch of Piers Bogans!
  • YES, because I feed beefburgers to swans - 100% swan meat

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Doop - Doop

  • Shit - shit
  • Good - good

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  • Valerie
  • Valerie.

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Rebecca Black - Friday

  • Black, R. Black (I want real music back)
  • TBF, what did YOU achieve when you were 13?

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Justin Bieber - Baby

  • Music is dead!!!1
  • Just great pop

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The Zutons version is excellent and very endearing. Amy Winehouse’s cover doesn’t suit her at all, and the choice to give it a landfill indie beat tops a long list of why Mark Ronson annoys me.

Nothing Breaks Like a Heart is one of my favourite pop songs of the last year, though.


Unless you mean the Steve Winwood one that Eric Prydz - Call On Me sampled?


Westlife - Flying without Wings

  • Awful song, it’s plane to see
  • I clap the pilots when they land this utter TUNE

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Good song when it’s sung by people with better politics.


Brotherhood of Man - Save Your Kisses for Me

  • There are guilty pleasures, but this is pleading guilty in a court of law
  • I love the 1970s so much I buy cookbooks of their inedible food

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Though I did previously have a copy of a weird cookbook where lots of stuff was jellied, but I didn’t buy it, it was just in my flat


Oh God! That’s one of my food no-no’s in any era, along with hard boiled eggs.


are people just voting like on this cos they like vampire weekend?
i like some of their songs too but that one’s unbearable


Though I’m such a big Sopranos fan I bought their cookbook, the food had kitschy 70s Italian-American vibes, but better than Frankie and Benny’s. That Sunday gravy was a lifesaver, always relied on it when I’d no other food but pasta.


68 replies and hated by each one. I think we might have a winner.


Dont see any of them writing Murder on the Dance Floor


I’ve already been bodied for this one, and admitted my love for Murder on the Dance Floor and my rashness in dissing Mr Bucket-Hat up there ^^. But yes, you are quite right, I don’t think any of them did write Murder on the Dance Floor


November Rain

  • Yep I hate it
  • I love literally endless songs sung by a whinging ball bag in a bandana and a twat in a top hat

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10/10 song