MftSB: Who is the most famous singer/band that you couldn't name a song by?



Huge indie points/dubious badges of honour available in this thread.

Was Crazy in Love Beyonce feat Jay-Z or the other way round? If it was a Jay-Z tune then I’m going with Beyonce and I win the thread.




Garth Brooks. Sold EDIT:160 million+ records but couldn’t name a single song of his.


Dave Matthews Band


had many, many people tell me I look* like Adam Levine. have no clue who this cunt is. a singer, that’s all I’ve got

*looked…ain’t happened in 4 years now


or Ariana Grande (not including Bang Bang)


Nick Cave.




nothing against her. i’m just not very interested. just googled “beyonce songs” tho and didn’t realise that put a ring on it one was her and not Destiny’s Child. Didn’t recognise any other names, not saying i wouldn’t recognise them if i heard em


This guy has sold 100 million records and I DKWHI,P


good shout me neither. Number of the Beast?


Even I’ve heard of Enter Sandman


Sun o)))


The song currently at the top of the global plays chart on Spotify is Closer by The Chainsmokers ft Hawley.

Literally no idea and I’m not bad at staying on top of this sort of thing usually.


“that you couldn’t name a song by”


that’s iron maiden, can name loads of their songs.
thought metallica had an album called leviathan but that’s mastodon apparently


I’m assuming that’s Richard Hawley


Justin Bieber.


Just surprised that you didn’t know a single Metallica song, that’s all


yeah this.