Mgmt 2018

We all loved “Kids”, “Time to pretend” and “Electric Feel” back in the day…but I have barely noticed them since 2008…except rumours are circling that their album released Friday is their best yet (cue joke about that not being hard etc.). But this is a very high rym score (which will probably drop a bit, but still):

Judge by these singles, I guess

You’re late to this party pal, these songs are top though.

Is there another thread? Or is it one of those banger threads (or a MTftSB)?

Does it matter?

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If this was just a replica thread I’d happily retire it

Then continue!

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Congratulations was a great album. Much better than the first.




I am sorry to hear this :anguished:

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When You Die is great, top video too.

Look forward to the whole record, have enjoyed all their albums, even though the s/t did get a bit murky and not as fun in parts. Will have to try and catch em live, last time I saw them was when I was 17 at Reading Festival, crowd surfed out as the sun was setting and they were playing Kids…probably the closest I got to living the Skins fantasy of adolescence

I thought it was nice of Ezra Furman to re-release Time To Pretend as his latest single.


heh, yeah I heard it yesterday on 6music and thought the same. We’re almost in Lana del Reydiohead territory imo.

extremely daft new pop song they’ve made

which also comes in Russian

and Filipino

My only experience of them was as the support (alongside bat for lashes) for Radiohead at old trafford cricket ground in 2008.

Man that was a good gig

Congratulations is one of the most underrated albums of all time.


This album is great, might be my fav of theirs

the one about phones sounds like something from charlie and the chocolate factory

I know! It’s great

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