Mice at work

They found a dead mouse under the bank of desks I’m on, in the flap thing where all the plugs are.
The guy from IT just picked it up by its tail, and lobbed it in the bin

The other day one dropped out of the ceiling in the middle of a meeting.

Facilities don’t seem to be doing anything about it.

Getting really depressed about it, I dont want to be here while this is going on. What should I do?

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quite hard to use computers without them

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If you can’t beat em…

Do you come from a land down under?


You better run you better take cover.

Back in Oz when I was working remotely for a company, I tried out a few collaborative office spaces in Brisbane to see what they were like. In one of them, I turned up for the trial day at the agreed time, but the person who was supposed to meet me wasn’t there. Ten minutes later, someone else arrived and let me in. They showed me round and I used the place for the day, which seemed fine on the whole, but the kitchen area was proper digusting and smelled so bad I was borderling wretching every time I went near it. Was offputting enough that I had decided 100% I would not be coming back. Then, just as I was leaving, one of the staff decided to investigate what might be causing the smell and found a dead, decomposing rat behind the microwave that had clearly been there for some time. The fact that this was the first time they had checked blew my mind, proper gross.

any women chundered?!?!?!?!

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get a cat?


Is this from the extended dance 12" remix version?

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Still haunted by the South African janitor in my old job who kept talking about ‘the sweet smell of a dead rat’. he really emphasised the ‘sweet’.

Dead animals give off a very distinct smell. Might change that to mammals. I reckon I can smell out a dead mammal no drama.

I’d watch ‘balonz sniffs out dead mammals’ if nothing else was on.

oh ay