Mice 🐭


We’ve got mice.

How do we not have mice?


Use the touchpad




Get a cat


I hate cats


awww. cutesie!



I kinda actually think this a bit, my partner absolutely does not…


Get a small footstool that you can stand on and scream whenever one appears.


Oh boy


Already got that down, thanks though


one thing that always surprises me with mice is how fast they are! slow down, I want to stroke you!


Make sure all food is in tupperware or in the fridge. Anything in a cardboard carton also needs to go into a container that the mice can’t get into. Clean up after preparing food and after eating, meticulously. If there’s nothing at all for them to eat they will probably go elsewhere. Fill in any holes in the skirting board, floorboards etc so they have fewer entrance ways too. Wire wool is good for this.


peppermint oill


Get some traps and Nutella it up.


Iron wool man. Plug them holes.


Wire wool? How come?

I’m franky astonished it’s taken this long for us to get them tbh, we have a free-standing shelf thing with all our grains and that on it completely exposed.


Which ones are effective and not completely out of order on the mouse though?




I have a mouse! It lives behind the fridge and I’ve called it Muisje. Muisje has, so far, managed to evade the humane trap we’ve laid out. What’s good bait for mice?