Michael Apted's 63 Up

It’s on ITV at 9pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week.

I’m very excited. One of my favourite film projects, I hope there’s others here that have watched them as I’d love to discuss it.

As always before these catch-ups, I’m very worried about Neil and hope he’s okay. Can’t wait to hear Tony’s views on Brexit.


Neil is interviewed in the Guardian today if you want to spoil it.

(Never seen it, my mum loves it though because she is the same age as them).

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yeah my dad is too, must be quite weird to watch at the same age as them.

Saw the Neil interview but I’ll dodge it until afterwards. Love him.

Hard to see his opponent coming back if that’s the case


Love this, hope Neil is ok


Yep - will be watching. First saw this when they were 21 and not missed it since

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Jay-Z’s Laugh

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Doc: 7 Up & Me - ITVX

Haven’t seen it, just celebs chatting about how much they love it I think. Will watch before the real deal tomorrow

Really looking forward to this. Feels like a Ken Loach enterprise in a lot of ways.

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Can’t wait to bawl my eyes out at this tonight

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The bits in the 3rd part of Neil are still some of the most memorable tv i’ve ever seen. Pretty harrowing too. I think it was the rapid change in him that made him stay with people. The footage of him now a hippyish 1970s 20something, on his bed somewhat agitated, detailing grimly, intelligently how things had gone for him and why things were still going wrong, contrasted with the upbeat, funny, smiling kid in the first part was just so alarming. Like everyone else i suppose it’s the first thing you think; ‘Shit i hope Neil’s doing alright’.

I bet Tony voted Leave.

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Not gonna lie, reading this title assumed Michael Apted was currently batting at the crease for India at the cricket WC.

Good luck to the lad.

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Love that the crazy golf by the Moby Dick got featured in Tony’s story

Called it! Lmao


Loving this so far. Like meeting old friends


Oh shit :cry:

God this is like watching your life flash past your eyes

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God I blubbed most of the way through this. It is shocking how much of the adults you can see in the 7 year olds when they flash back.
Nick’s accent changes are brilliant. Feel sorry for the guy though. Very sobering, especially after today’s getting old thread.


Owh I love Sue.

Nick :frowning: life is so cruel.


God Nick has really upset me. Feel so hollow after watching that. Hope beyond hope that we see him in Up 70