Michael Apted's 63 Up

I know what you mean. Almost like we’re going to have to prepare for a bit of a shock that we know is coming but will probably forget about and then in seven years time we’ll see a trailer and have a sinking feeling when we think ‘oh shit I wonder what happened to Michael’.

Another thing that really struck me was how warm they all are towards Michael Apted, for example Nick said “well, you know me Michael…” like he’s an old friend. Must be quite tough for all of them, having this odd relationship that only crops up every seven years.

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Haven’t seen it yet, hopefully will watch tomorrow.


Lynn :frowning: Knew she’d died but that was still a really tough watch.

why does the ending music make it sound like they’re going to come after you and chop you up


John doesn’t seem a bad sort, considering. If you ignore the fox hunting.

Neil… oh Neil. Seems he’s at least stable these days.

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My own take on Neil is that his downfall has been a lifelong inability to properly accept his mental illness. So many examples of people trying to give him the space to work it out and his steadfast refusal to do it.

I like Bruce. He seemed like a good sort from the off and it’s really heartwarming to see that he’s done some good in his life and found some contentment.

Overall the thing that strikes me about the series is how abnormally reflective all of them seem to be, and I can’t help feeling that that’s down to having a seven year life MOT throughout their lives.

GBO7YO. RIP Lynn. How great would it be to know that your memorial would be a kids’ library.


it’s astonishing how good some of them look for 70. Sue, Nick, Peter etc.

77 next time round, gotta think there’s gonna be at least a couple that we won’t be seeing again. I really hope not.

Keep thinking about Lynn :frowning:

I made a tit of myself last night with Mrs F on this point, but they’re 63 aren’t they? Just read a review in the Observer that suggested that throat cancer is one of the more curable ones.

Also, having met quite a few London cabbies I would point out that as part of that grouping Tony is basically Jeremy Corbyn.

Just remembered something amusing about Bruce’s bit last week. At one point they showed a clip from 42 up where he’s walking down a street in Hackney and there’s a letting agent board behind him. That letting agents were the pair of shyster brothers who rented me my first flat in London at about that time who conned me into thinking my landlord wanted me out so they could bilk me for a new arranging fee. Hope they’ve gone bust.

Hmm sadly not

Oh yes of course, even still they look great for that age.

This was great, most of them even the tories have turned out OK. The Bulgarian guy could have been a right arsehole but seems mostly OK.
Jackie is gbol, she was so cute as a kid as well

Yeah at least John is a philanthropist. And Bruce could have turned out a right dick too but he’s a good lad.

Loved seeing the photo of Bruce and Neil at Neil’s wedding <3

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I thought Bruce had sold out a bit. Glad he had a nice family and stuff though

I thought this argument would come out and I strongly disagree. For starters I wouldn’t accept that argument from anyone who isn’t themselves a teacher. Obviously he spent a significant part of his career attempting to do good work in deprived places, but then as he himself said he went to teach at a private school because he wanted to share his love of his subject with people who it would benefit. And quite possibly he decided when he was working at that comp that he was no longer able to do that. I certainly know plenty of people who have had that experience.

The idea that teachers should hold themselves to some higher moral standard and continue a futile struggle simply to uphold the principle of comprehensive education in the face of unsurmountable obstacles is not one that I can hold with. He’s good at maths, he loves teaching maths, he’s passing his knowledge on, and that’s fine by me. Obviously I’d have preferred it if he could have done that in the state sector, but I’m in no position to judge his decisions.

Isn’t @gonad a teacher?

I might have got that totally wrong though.

Quite possibly. In which case I’d be interested in their take.

Yeah I am. I just fundamentally disagree with private and independent schools and was disappointed that he’d decided to work in one after doing lots of stuff in Bangladesh etc. I guess you don’t have to do it forever and eventually he probably got burned out from it but :man_shrugging:t2:

He himself was also quite vocal in his younger years that private schools widened gaps in society

Yup I can understand that point of view for sure, and I’m certainly in agreement about private schooling in general. If it turns out he did it purely for the money then I’d be less sympathetic, but I certainly got the impression that the main reason was job satisfaction and it irks me sometimes when people suggest that’s something that teachers should have to sacrifice for the common good.

There’s also the fact of course that he’s 63 and possibly he just can’t hack the stress of working in a challenging environment any more.

More generally there’s a theme there of the participants reaching a life stage where they are finding acceptance in the compromises they’ve had to make in their lives compared to their youthful ideals. Nick’s story was very affecting I thought: years of pursuing a genuinely transformational idea ending in a final admission of defeat. Even Tony’s failed Spanish odyssey fits the same bill.

I guess I’m saying the lesson we all take from this is: life’s a bitch and then you retire to Essex.