Michael Chapman - 50


Streaming above - it’s an album to commemorate his 50 years as a performer, sounding really great, anyone who likes Steve Gunn should check this out as he was involved and it has his fingerprints all over it. Obviously he was influenced by Chapman and others like him, so it’s all a big lovely folk rock cycle.

The only other album of his I have is Fully Qualified Survivor, which has some wizard folk fingerpicking bits and also some bits with Mick Ronson riffing on so it sounds like a Yorkshire Bowie. Anyone know any of his other stuff?

I love fully qualified survivor, nice to hear he is still going!

One of my favourite gigs was seeing him in fine form at Cafe Oto, spinning yarns and playing songs


Really enjoyed Fully Qualified Survivor back in the day, really characterful voice and guitar playing. RIP


RIP. This is such a beautiful track


Fao anyone in the north east


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