Michael J Fox*

Wasn’t eligible for this year’s oscars due to a late US release so there’s still hope.

you seem to get very peeved with stuff on here a lot

not seen but ive heard v good stuff!

That’s funny, because every post I seem to see from you is saying something’s shit!


Basically wes anderson minus everything annoying about wes anderson films. They’re both great but the 2nd is conformably the better

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Just remembered incredibles 2 is out soon, so that’s nice

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aye you like to mention it

You have a point of course, but pixar make better films than almost anyone.


strongly doubt that

Have you seen any?

I’ve seen Toy Story which is fine for what it is I guess but it’s pretty insipid

I’ve also seen clips of Up where the old man is sad and there’s balloons on a house.

Not sure what else they’ve made.

ok having had a look on wiki I’ve seen large parts of:

a bug’s life
monsters inc
the incredibles

not good films

As lovely as you are Bam, you are extraordinarily cynical sometimes ha


I just find the kind of white picket fence suburban american capitalist ideal makes me angry. This is not what human beings are to me.

Ghibli fanboy eh


My anecdotal evidence suggests otherwise

I agree about Pixar. Not my cup of tea, but writing off all potentially family friendly films is a bit much. Jurassic Park? Men in Black? Mint films


toy story 3 is properly good


Wall-e is pretty anti-capitalist tbf


I’ve definitely seen the end of that twice on TV. To me it felt Patronising the “relate-able” human element of packing up your toys and moving on with life “oh my god it’s made like 10 years later so the audience is growing up with it”. Pfffft