Michael Mosley (missing)

Strange man but I hope he’s ok


was quite literally on symi a few hours ago. didn’t see him.

I get a bit panicky just hearing about this, the scenario is extremely horrifying. His family must be absolutely in bits, hope he’s found soon and safely.


Not likely though is it sadly

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CCTV of him at Pedi and heading in the direction of the hills which is what they’re now searching. You’d assume they would have found him by now though if he was on land, not a big island. Awful stuff, I keep thinking about it and wondering what happened.

So sad :frowning:


Scott Bryan posted this yesterday


David Brown who apparently writes for The Times has been an absolute grade A twat through the whole thing that has seeped on to my twitter feed. Must be deepely distressing for Mosley’s family for this dickhead to be sending detailed videos and descriptions out onto twitter. Just very weird.