Michael Owen reviews the very few films he has seen


“I’ve seen Heat. Wasn’t great.”

Very hard to pick a best quote.


Who likes more films:

  • Michael Owen
  • Ericdouble

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Still one of the very finest things on the internet:





Eric likes fucking loads of films, probably too many.


my word, this is sensational. “the spirit of the warrior courses through me” is a ridiculous thing for anyone to say anyway, but the way he delivers it is next level



Shhh, keep it a secret


love to know who thought this music was appropriate for this edit


oh god, I didn’t watch to the end. incredible. this is my new favourite thing


“Probably similar to g-girls isn’t it”

Does me every time


The helicopter one is better


i just got to this. christ!


Just going to leave this classic here.


I watched Creed the other day. It was alright. My wife kept badgering me, so I watched it on a flight to Dubai. I’d have preferred a good documentary, to be honest. I like factual stuff. I don’t like being kidded by anything.

You’ve literally starred in a film where you’re flying over Dubai and Sam Torrance pings a golf ball at your CGI helicopter you complete Melvin.


I once watched all ten minutes of the helicopter one. I wish I hadn’t.


So yeah. I completely see where he’s coming from, despite his awful choices, most films don’t come anywhere near the intensity of message or execution to suspend disbelief or even function as just something to look at like I’m some miniature hairless cow. Some are great though.


I’ve done it several times and I don’t feel like I’m wasting my life in any way


It’s not a quote, but the fact that he thought Rocky was rubbish and went on to watch 4 sequels plus a spin off that could have been titled Rocky VII if Hollywood had wanted is quite something.