Michelin Star Restaurants

Anyone eaten at one of these?
Are they all that?

My wife and I always take each other out for lunch on our birfdays to a Michelin starred place we haven’t been to before. I think they’re worth it for lunch aye.

We went to Restaurant Story for their whole shebang on our 1st wedding anniversary. Comfortably the best food I’ve ever eaten. One of the courses was a beef dripping candle ffs.

Eaten here a couple of times. Think it’s my fave restaurant in the world.

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Never one for drinks pairings either but it was ridiculously good.

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Yeah, been to a few:

La Gavroche - Fucking amazing
The Hand and Flower - Fucking amazing
Sans Cravate - Fucking amazing
Restaurant La Rive - Fucking amazing

Also went to one that subsequently got a star recently, Trinity which was a bit disappointing.


Would you say it was fucking disappointing Tone?

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Greetings, I have! and yes, they’re brilliant :smiley: I think so anyway…

Exactly the same as J_I, the bf and I make an effort to go for our birthdays, anniversaries etc and only ever for lunch because it’s normally around 30 quid for three courses (and it’s never just three courses, they always have a fuck tonne of bread and surprise extra mini courses) which is pretty great!

In Edinburgh -

Martin Wishart
The Kitchin

Barcelona -

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Prague -

La Degustation

Newcastle -

House of Tides

Errrm, that might be it, but yeah, do it! DOOO IT!!

Nah, just “a bit” disappointing, had a venison dish which put me off venison forever and the waiter spilled a (delicious) consommé on our tablecloth

I’d guess I’ve eaten at something in the region of 25? Which I am fully aware is a mark of unjust privilege. It’s the main way in which we spend our disposable income, and how we celebrate birthdays and major life events.

The best I’ve been to is Story. In recent times we’ve been making it our mission to tour the winners of the Great British Menu. Of those, Tommy Banks’s pub was truly exceptional

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After having a couple of dodgy ducks recently I reckon I’m off it for life too. What was wrong with the venison man? Was it difficult to enjoy with consomméd trousers?

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nope, think its a stupid institution and definitely wouldn’t ever pay to eat at one.

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went to one once. it was nice.

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I think I got a bad cut or something that probably shouldn’t have gone out because I got some gristle which was just awful and made me gag, should have sent it back really but I don’t vote Conservative at local or general elections.


Dunno how you feel about cheese NV but the trolley at Murano is next level:



oh! Forgot one, Castle Terrace in Edinburgh too. They gave you a whole hat full of bread!! A HAT!

Think I’ve just come

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Haha!! We were watching the cheese cart being wheeled about at the kitchin the last time we went… so very very tempting.

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Been to a fair few.

Went to The Fat Duck this year. Worth it for the fact that it’s a unique dining experience that you won’t get anywhere else. In terms of actually ‘going for a meal’ I prefer others I’ve been to.

Hand and Flowers coming up next.

I have only ever sent back a chocolate fondant, twice actually, because it was dry as fuck and there was not a melting middle to be seen. If that makes me a tory then I guess I’m a tory.