Michelin Star Restaurants

It’s so good, second only to La Gavroche plus I love that there’s no stuffy dress code or anything

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Yeah I’ve eaten at Gidleigh Park in Dartmoor. It was

Got one of the lunch meal deals others have mentioned. Was still pricey but a total experience and loads of courses and literally everything was a total delight. Only like 5 tables as well so really felt intimate. Nice touches like bringing us out cashmere blankets when we had our coffee on the terrace. Only negative was the uppity and fake-deferential waiter which actually kind of added to the experience.

Oft-forgotten fact - Restaurant Gordon Ramsey still has 3 Michelin stars.

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Fucking love Rambo, mate

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Very few Michelin-starred restaurants in London have a dress code these days.

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We don’t usually target restaurants with a michelin star, but we have been to quite a few that have turned out to have one, or have subsequently been awarded one.

The ones in the UK are ridiculously expensive compared to ones overseas, and most of my favourite UK restaurants won’t ever get michelin stars.

My favourite ones are the really cheap dim sum places in the shopping malls of Hong Kong. It seems so odd that they’d have them.

Black Rat in Winchester. Yum yum. Probably been to others, dunno.

That’s good to know, I think Hand and Flowers is the only one I’ve been to which hasn’t had one

also it was pretty cool turning up in a massive white van and parking in between a jag and a bentley with everyone assuming we were here to price up a plumbing job as we bowled into reception.



Also you’re all tories.except profk




Anyone been here? I want to go. https://www.osteriafrancescana.it/

Think my favourite ever meal wasn’t in a Michelin Star gaff either - Le Ventre de l’Architect in the Le Corbusier building in Marseille. It’s in the guide but it hasn’t got a star. Loved every second in that place.

Went to the Fat Duck for Mrs F’s 40th. It was also the day their food-poisoning scare hit the papers. It was great.

I’ve been to this place in Torquay:


Food was excellent; service was okay.

I went Thackery’s in Tunbridge Wells for my 40th last year. Was an excellent experience, but the wine bill was colossal. It has subsequently lost its star (for being too old fashioned, apparently).

I have also been to The Sportsman in Seasalter, but this was before it received a star. Was evident even then that it was something better than the norm.

Would like to visit more, and should definitely make a concerted effort to do so. The Treby Arms is literally around the corner from my in-laws, so we really should pay a visit there some day.

I’ve heard of toast that looks like the Virgin Mary but never bread that looks like Jamiroquai!

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That much bread is… virtual insanity.

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