Mick Jagger is probably waking up around now, getting himself a cup of coffee, maybe reading the paper

This is because he lives in the States and it’s the morning there now


you’ll get no respect when you talk like this

*no satisfaction


I was out on Saturday night, Tony, and a man said ‘‘you look like you’re in the Rolling Stones’’. I said I was, that I was Mick Jagger.

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He’ll probably do his morning poo after the coffee at some point

Pretty good response to be fair. You could have said “I sure ain’t gathering no moss, that’s for certain!” as well


I wouldn’t want to speculate on that too much

I think he’ll be an ipad user, with subscriptions his assistant has set up for a couple of papers. NYT will be one.

He’s known as “the analogue man in a digital age” so I think that’s unlikely

That man doesn’t play by the rules of Greenwich mean time


Do you know where in the States he lives please?


(I barely know 'er!)

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went to watch fulham chelsea a few years ago and was sat with the fulham fans. they had a player called ashkan dejagah at the time, and a fulham fan in front of me kept calling him mick jagger.

I didn’t know that.

Which street?

Main Street

Wait, is Exile on Main Street a Rolling Stones thing? I didn’t mean to make that joke if so. Maybe it’s Springsteen, I dunno


This is the answer I was looking for, thank you.

[+10 respect]

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Hadn’t thought about Ashkan Dejagah for a long time, looked him up and it seems he’s had a spell with a club that are just called “Tractor”

I was setting you up for this joke I’m afraid. It is a Stones thing (Rolling not kidney).

Fuck! That’s annoying!