Micro-cheating on your partner

Even easier now with social media. What do you think are examples of micro-cheating?

  • Sending suggestive emojis
  • Liking old pictures of someone
  • Searching for and ‘stalking’ someone online
  • Following your ex
  • Posting sexy selfies
  • Keeping your dating profile active

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depends on the boundaries of your relationship :man_shrugging:


Whoever does the PR for the ‘scientists’ publishing this report deserves a raise, as it’s been absolutely everywhere, despite it mainly being a load of tosh.


dont really know why any one would keep an active dating profile if they were in a relationship tbh

“for making friends”

By active do you mean just not deleting it? Haven’t deleted mine. Won’t be using it to message anyone obv, just effort

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(or its an open relationship)

I send suggestive emojis to absolutely everyone for mad bants and would be horrified/extremely put off if anyone I dated got upset about me sending aubergine emojis. Like I literally send them to my parents when it’s in context. I guess it depends on the person but still, wha?


I read the BBC article on this the other day and almost posted about it but then figured it was a load of crap.

Did get me wondering if by the definitions given in the article then quite a lot of the interactions on here would be classified as micro-cheating.


All depends doesn’t it. You can like an ex’s Instagram picture and it can have zero meaning beyond two friends keeping in touch. But if you’re doing it because you’re engaging in some sort of emotional connection that you’re secretly seeking outside of your monogamous relationship, then yeah, it’s a kind of cheating.

oh yeah still using it.

if you’re not using it it’s not really active

Hahaha I was wondering how long it would take for this “micro-cheating” to be discussed on here. What nonsense.

fwiw I follow my ex because we’re still friends. Don’t do the rest because I’m not a cunt. (not sure what sexy selfies mean)

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Nothing less than physical contact with other people is cheating, quite clearly. Let’s all just be bloody adults.

oops yeah of course

Not sure I quite agree with that. Would you be happy with your partner exchanging emotional/sexual messages, as long as it wasnt physical?


Trying to imagine how a conversation involving one person accusing the other of micro-cheating would go. I expect both parties would get very angry very quickly.

How would i know what she was texting anyone unless i was insecure and checked? For that to happen the whole relationship would be a bit of a sham. I’d consider her private message her business.

It might go badly because it has a stupid name, but if you thought your partner was obsessively stalking someone else on social media, sending them flirty messages, exchanging sexy pics etc, then I can understand why you might be concerned.

here’s my take

before doing something, consider this: would you be happy to tell your partner what you’re doing? if not have you specifically said it’s ok to do but you won’t be discussing it?

by “happy to” i don’t mean that have to or should do, i mean how would you feel about it

if you’re not comfortable talking about it with your partner, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it… and if you shouldn’t be doing it it might be cheating

open relationships are of course a very complicated point relating to this, thus my “have you said you won’t be discussing it” caveat


Good work avoiding the question

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