Microsoft Paint


Farewell old friend


another nail in the coffin!


I think they’re just going to draw a non-borded white square over the whole thing.



How do I draw cocks on your photos now??


you can get a subscription to Photoshop CC for about a tenner a month. how badly do you want to draw those willies?


what the FUCK

still use Paint regularly


in the last update they installed something called 3D Paint on my computer. it’s absolute SHITE.


Snaggit’s time to shine


still my go-to to resize a photo



Shite news but I wouldn’t worry too much, most work pcs I’ve encountered still run XP so whenever they bring out the newest ms it’ll probably impact us in oh I don’t know 15-20 years.


i mainly use Microsoft Office Picture Manager for resizing, which i still have because i keep reinstalling the same copy of Office 2007 on all my new laptops.

don’t know how i’d make a cover for the DiS Mixtapes without Paint


good point, don’t really even know anyone who’s using win10 yet



It’s Ok guys, apparently it’s staying after all!


no fucking way did someone draw jodie in ms paint.


my office upgraded to Windows 10 in the last couple of months, although it was on Windows 7 before that so they could have clung on an extra few years surely. my desk has somehow escaped the upgrade and is still on sweet sweet 7 but i fear it’s only a matter of time.

i use windows 10 on my laptop and it’s fine but i hate it on the office computers for some reason