Microsoft Teams

Not a fan of these new emojis, they’re too much




Not a fan of MS teams full stop gotta say

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Hey, I’m not using it by choice

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Counterpoint: it’s your best mate and I’m attending your wedding

I can’t believe the big day is already here, I just want to say that really it means a lot to me that you’re here to share it with us

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Remember when MS Teams got so drunk we had to carry them back to the bus? Man I miss Prague


OTOH it’s better than any of the alternatives if your company is in the MS Office area.

i quite like teams, but dislike things in teams a lot

like i enjoy that when you click the “…” icon on a message in a chat, it has to load the options in real time, meaning that you might click on reply, sure, but also “pin” and “save” and a new one “share to outlook” which utterly fucking brings my machine to a crawl, as I don’t use Outlook anymore.

it find it really amusing that no one i work with actually uses it right - i set up a Team for a project, and then someone else started using the Chat for the first meeting we had instead, and now all the files are shared in the Chat and not in the fucking Team i made.

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Unforgettable weekend


Fucking hell we look so young. Don’t think Teams even had their trello integration then

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I’m a Slack and Google Meet person now that I work for a cool, hip and happening business. Catch you on the flip-flop, squares :sunglasses:

Back in my MS Teams days (which I seldom like to admit to), I was so worried that it was recording and reporting my every movement back to my employer. Why is it’s CPU usage so high? Can’t be anything good.

Good honest hard-working employees should be able to run down the clock during the working day by browsing pornography and online shopping without fear of their higher ups snooping imo.


I love the ringtone on teams, absolute banger. This one: Teams Default Ringtone (one hour version) - YouTube


Haven’t heard it in two years now but I used to love vibing to it instead of answering.


Amazing, the best of bunch

Absolute garbage, even makes Teams look good

I’ve got powers to run Teams Broadcasts now, that’s exciting