Microwave chat

Do you know, it’s only in the last five years that I discovered the whole mashing the +30 second button till it gives you the time you want. All my life I would put precise numbers in, with my milky coffee growing up going on for 2:22 as it was easy to type.

When was the last time you used a popty-ping?

  • Using one right now chief
  • Used one today boss
  • Used one this week geez
  • Used one this month fella
  • Used one this year bigman
  • Used one once bro
  • Never used one friend

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popped a potato in one a couple of days back

How was it?



Voodoo tater

Fun fact, I took my microwave in off the street one day, orphaned as it was at the bottom of the stairwell where our block tends to chuck stuff they don’t want.

There was a sheet on it that said WORKING so I guess that’s his name.
It’s very simple & reliable**, no LED displays and I like it for that.

*it does tend to have some problems turning things


I read once that the reason most microwaves have a rotating plate is because Phillips or someone like that had an early patent to using a rotating magnetron (or maybe deflector) and that was the easiest workaround.

Despite this being at the confluence of two of my favourite interests I’ve never bothered looking into this to see if it’s true.

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I like it enough to also quote it but not factcheck it

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Maybe he is imbued with some sort of warrior’s spirit

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My flat has an integrated microwave, which I thought was well fancy. But it doesn’t actually work and rather than replace it they’ve just put another one on the counter.

I only ever use it for defrosting rolls anyway.

No-one left it there, WOR microwaved its previous “owners”

Literally no point in buying a fancy microwave, is there.

How else will we prepare christmas dinner?

Just eat whatever you can salvage from stairwells.


Stay out of the stairwells


the ones we had a at work (more industrial ones) didn;t even have a spinning plate - pretty sure the spinning is just a lie from big science oven

Microwave fields are static, so you need to either have rotation to avoid uneven heating, or some other means of ensuring even heating.

I can’t use a microwave these days unless I’m at work and the boss is hogging the stove/oven. It dries out the food too much and sucks out the flavour. Given I do have the luxury at my current job, and not many people have a choice

pffft, you can prove anything with your “facts”