microwave competition

how many buttons do you have to press to get your microwave to do 1:30

lowest number of buttons wins

me: five

No buttons, just a dial.


three if you count twisting the dial

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(default is 1:00, increase by 0:10 x 3, start)

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(30 sec button x 3)


same but i then need to press ‘start’

ooh i nearly had him there

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1 button three times

3 x 30 seconds then start


i won’t count twisting the dial but if someone ties you with two buttons alone then i’m giving it to them on a tie breaker

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I just twist the knob.

3 I think

How many functions do you reckon you’ve never used on your microwave?

Without thinking, I guess there are 27 functions on my microwave that I’ve never used

6 - got a combi so:

microwave button x 1
1 minute button x 1
10 second button x 3
Start button x 1

that’s a new high score, nice

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Nothing worse than when some cunt leaves it set to anything that isn’t the highest setting and you only realise once you’ve taken the food/fleshlight out.


you don’t even press ‘start’ ?

i’m disqualifying you and @Richie_Ronco . the winner has to be the lowest non-zero number.

very fair and just, commissioner

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no start button, just turn the dial. The second power dial is always set to full power so don’t have to change it. You can’t disqualify me just because I have a shit old microwave. That’s microwave-ist!



i believe i have explored the full capabilities of my machine