Mid-life Crises

So I think I’m about to have one - have literally just accepted the offer on my flat which means handing in my notice on my job and going travelling for 4-6 months then moving back home (leaving my friends of 12 years). Might become one of those people who ends up getting inprisioned in Thailand for doing something naughty. Or just spend it all on toasties.

Official eeeek moment.

Anyone else had a mid life crisis?


what is the acceptable age range for “mid life” do you reckon?

Not quite old enough for a mid life crisis :sunglasses:

Well in conventional terms I’m not old enough but I’m from Glasgow so I reckon I’m within range.


I’m 41, thinking about getting a tattoo (NOTE: I’m pretty sure this will never happen). Does this count?

Thinking about going to Kenya. I hate flying, and traveling in general. Probably won’t.

Might, though.



Only when you actually follow through and do it.

If it was promoted by wistful thoughts of your youth and frustration at your current life, then yes.

kind of feel like I’ve been engaged in a very boring mid life crisis for the past 8 years, and where I end up will define how the rest of my life plays out. Or I might just stay right where I am forever and my mid life crisis is just my life?

Dunno, shit post from me there

I feel like I’ve been treading water for at least five years hence the massive life overhaul

I wouldn’t mind going to Kenya.

I’m not suggesting we go to Kenya together. I think you should go to Kenya and I will also go to Kenya but at a different time.




Can I come to Kenya with you lot? I’d probably have to bring the family though

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Not really sure what I could do as a mid-life crises realistically when my entire life is comprised of an extended teenage rebellion. Maybe getting a nice pair of socks?
I’m also well over the middle of my life.

make sure you let @meowington know when you are booking your trip to Kenya so she can make sure to book for a different time


It’s been made very clear that meowington’s Kenya trip and my Kenya trip are completely separate trips. You’ll need to ask her yourself.

You can take @Shoebox1976uk on your Kenya trip.

This doesn’t sound like a crisis tbh. This sounds great.

I wouldn’t mind doing that.

Can you just take a sabbatical? I’m definitely going to take a sabbatical at some point.

You take him!

Maybe we should trying swapping lives for a month, see who cracks firsts :smiley: