Mid year 'cancel that subscription' PSA

Go on then.

Got a VPN that I need to cancel…at the very least


Need to cancel Kindle Unlimited again before they start charging me.

Yup, Discovery+ for me. Not watching it, so time to sack it off

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Home insurance renewal came in, sweet 50% increase for no discernable change in cover.

Small note on the email saying that if it’s too much and you’re thinking of cancelling, get in touch and they might offer a discount.

Now I have to spend a full lunch break entering info like ‘percentage of house roofs that are flat’ into a comparison site to try and find a better option

Absolutely hate this BS mates

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Got to cancel Prime before the 11th and NowTV entertainment pass before it goes back up to £9.99.

I do this so often to get the discount that they now just send me an email occasionally saying “your deal is ending but we’ve put you on this new one will this be ok?”

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Yeah I’m hoping they’ll read this thread tbh.

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I keep setting up new people in my house for Ocado new customer discounts (£30 off last time!) - surely they know what I’m doing. How about you just give me the good prices all the time lads.


Audible is so fucking annoying to try and cancel


I use revolut and create an e-debit card and have it set up to sepf destruct once used. I know some sites dobt allow the use of such debit cards these days… at leaat things involving cash and rewards dont, but noat sub services are fine. Extra faff initially but good for forgetful sods like me with adhd

Use em all the time for free trials

Doing this myself this week as want the discount again after my 1st Ocado order last week.

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